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Electriq Pet Camera Review

Electriq Pet Camera

If you really love your pets and worry about the safety of your pet, then you are going to love this great pet camera. The Electriq pet camera is a popular pet camera that offers a handful of features to ensure the safety of your pets.

The big question arises in every mind is what is your pet going when you are out of home? Do sleep? Do they behave patiently for you to come back home with their favorite food? Or they do panic and run everywhere barking?

Electriq Pet Camera

Well!!! Now you can find out this all with electriq pet camera. Whenever you think bad about your pet just open the app and find out what your cat or dog is doing. It’s just amazing, you can take to them and tell them to not misbehave if they are doing wrong. This will be done with a two-way audio system. Right from your desk, it will just look like being at home from a remote location.

It does not matter where you are if you are watching from your office PC tablet or from your mobile phone you will get high definition visuals of your beloved pet. The HD quality makes sure that everything is clear and crisp.

During dark nights of winter when you need to pay more care for your pets this electriq pet camera allows you to see up to 15 meters in dark with its infrared night vision. This handy feature is most liked by all. This feature is helpful when there is fire or before parties around and you tell your cat or dog to stay calm.

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The complete unit of this smart pet camera is easy to use and quick to setup. It is simply plug and play with wired (Ethernet) or wireless connection. For a wireless connection, it has Wi-Fi facility of the range of 50 meters. So, it can be placed anywhere in the house. The SD card or Handy TF slots lets you record footage/video that can be viewed or watched later.

Some essential information for electriq pet camera

  • 270­o degree Pan
  • 90o degree tilt
  • 15-meter infrared night vision
  • 720 pixels high definition resolution
  • 24/7 clear and crisp infrared visions in the nigh
  • Mounting fitting with wired and wireless setup
  • A multipurpose camera that can be used as a pet camera, baby camera, security camera, etc.
  • Using application this could be controlled fully using mobile, tablet, PC


Electriq pet camera is not only restricted to the pet camera it is a multi-purpose camera for a home that can be used as baby comer for looking at your baby while you are not at home. This can be also be used as a security camera for home security. The live visuals are easily available in your smartphone with it’s free provided application having limited privileged only for authorized accounts.

Along with other features, it also outrank other camers due to its price, you will be amazed that you will get all this super value pet camera in jut affordably cheap price like no one other provides. You can get it now from the ordering link provided.
  • Infrared night vision
  • Solid build
  • More coverage
  • Does not include the treat thrower


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