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Furbo Pet Camera Review

Furbo Pet Camera

The Furbo Pet Camera is a best-selling pet camera that comes with a number of advanced features and an HD camera to help you take care of your pet in your absence. The reason of popularity of this camera is the excellent performance that helps you a lot while you are dealing with external errands without worrying about your pet at home.

Furbo Pet Camera Review

Furbo Pet Camera Review

This amazing pet gadget is affordable and low cost. Furbo is best pet camera under 200. Its look like a pretty aesthetic white small tower. Honestly, you will think it’s a kind of air fresher ion first look. In the front, it has a high definition of strong build camera and a mic. A mouth to through treats is also present in the front side of this low-cost dog camera.

Keeping my self-unbiased and honest, I would like to tell you that this is 100% a luxury and not a necessity. If you bringing home a puppy or you are bringing home a dog you can add value for your pet lifestyle. Definitely, this will keep him happy.

Key specification for Furbo Dog camera are:

  • Night vision camera featuring with 720 pixels resolution
  • Treat dispenser for throwing a treat
  • Two-way audio feature
  • WI-FI connection
  • Compatibility with android and IOS with an available app for both platforms

I am owing a puppy from last 6 months and my pet is too much involved with Furbo. It has become a part of my home belonging and it’s worth for Furbo pet camera. The auto selfie feature is excellent. The camera will automatically click and selfie when the dog is looking in front of the camera.

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The top opening design for Furbo for filling of treat-tossing is much easy for the user to handle it. To the front side behind the Furbo logo, there is a LED light indicator which indicated when the Furbo is online. This light can change colors which means someone accessing the camera remotely.

The main thing this super pet camera has is its very high-quality camera. The fact that when I open the app and have a full screen on my phone it yields such an excellent quality on my mobile phone. The quality was even so good that I can zoom in while my pet was sleeping and I can see her breathing with clear visuals.

The user-friendly application for Furbo pet camera is easy even for newbies. You can have two people in the same account. The cool functions and easy navigation in the application make it fun for all. The great part it the activity section where it picks up any movement and records ten seconds of what your pet is doing. This function values for those who work outside home and want in touch with their pets all the time.

What is does is it takes all the activities your pet has made during the day and makes it into a minutes time lapse delivering out a cute video. If you are loving this idea, then Furbo Pet Camera should be your first choice because of its interesting features and the reasonable price.
  • Eye-catching attractive design
  • Solid compact build for long-lasting
  • Reliable treat tossing feature
  • Super video quality
  • Sensitive barking alerts are alarming for some users
  • The camera fixes it should be adjustable
  • Speaker quality is low, these should for improved for giving real sounds

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