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How to Set Up Your Own Pet Cam with a Wi-Fi Camera

How to Set Up Your Own Pet Cam with a Wi-Fi Camera

In this guide, you will learn the right way to set up a pet camera. In case you haven’t chosen a pet camera, I highly recommend you to check our list of best pet cameras to get yourself a top camera from our selection.

Let’s move forward.

Suppose you have selected a great wifi pet camera for the safety of your animals. Let me tell you the steps to set it up quickly.

1. Decide the position of the camera

A quick caution about the placement of the pet camera is that never place the pet camera close to your pets. You should always place it either on a stand where your animals can never reach or hang it on the wall if your camera supports this function. Placing the camera on a higher position not only allows you to get the entire view of your room and at the same time, but this can also be easier to dispense treats to your pets to keep them close to the camera for their safety.

2. Set up the camera

Once the installation is done, it’s time to establish the connection between your smartphone and the camera to make sure you see everything about your pets while you are not even at home. The very first step is to connect the camera with your WiFi network which is an easy process. But if you are unfamiliar with this process, you should look for the manual of instructions by the manufacturer to get information about it.

How to Set Up Your Own Pet Cam with a Wi-Fi Camera

Once you have established a successful connection between your smartphone and camera, it’s time to use the app to perform various actions. Almost every wifi pet camera offers a smartphone app that allows you to control different features like dispense treats, spray scent or play a ringtone. You can either record videos, take pictures or speak with your animal anytime anywhere.

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3. Keep an eye on your pets

Once you have installed the camera successfully, and everything is working fine. It’s your responsibility to keep looking at the video through your smartphone after a few intervals. In the beginning, you could forget to check-in, but you have to make sure your home network never gets out of order or your smartphone connection is active as well. Just keep checking on your pets while you are busy with your stuff.

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