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Lemfo Pet Camera Review

Lemfo Pet Camera

Lemfo Pet Camera is a useful device that keeps your anxious dogs, pups, and cats calm in your absence. If you have been having a pet for a while, you can understand that it’s not easy to control the behavior of your pets especially when you are not around.

The Lemfo pet camera allows you to be around your pets virtually without having to be there physically. This way you can deal with your external errands without disturbing your pets.

Without any doubt, the most important feature of any pet camera device is the treat dispenser. Like all other pet cameras, the treat dispenser is an important element of a pet camera. There’s no better way to cheer your pet than giving them treats. Similarly, a treat dispenser keeps the pets around the camera get more treats. This way you can easily take care of your pet without existing physically. Unfortunately, the Lemfo Pet Camera doesn’t offer a treat dispenser that makes it a bad choice for our review. But the lack of treat dispenser doesn’t totally make this pet camera useless. There are few things this camera wins the game.

Lemfo Pet Camera Review

Lemfo Pet Camera Review

Moving forward, the Lemfo offers two-way communication. Now it’s a great advantage over other pet monitors offering one-way communication. The Lemfo allows you to speak to your animal and listen to the voice of your animal at the same time. Due to the Wifi connection or your distance there could be a delay between the conversation, but it helps a lot to keep your pets calm and safe if you are long for a long time.

The high definition camera allows you to get a clear picture of your pets. Due to the connectivity problem or your distance, you may face a delay in the video but it’s a slight issue that doesn’t cause many problems.

Another great feature in Lemfo is the audio and movement detection. This feature takes the safety of your animals to the next level while you are not at home. If your pets are onto something or making any kind of mess you will receive a mobile notification to quickly take a look at the situation remotely. This way, you can either use the speaker to talk to your pets to make them calm until you reach home.

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Now a unique feature to this pet camera despite the absence of treat dispenser is the night vision technology that allows you to keep an eye on your pets even in the night. Sometimes you may have to go outside the city of due to other issues you may come late at home but you don’t want to miss out any minute your pet is out of your vision. The night vision uses infrared lattice lights to see up to 26 feet in the dark.

Overall, the Lemfo pet camera is an excellent device but the lack of treat dispense and difficult setup makes it a difficult choice to pick. Other features like night vision, motion and sound detection, HD video recording are perfect but if you are fine without the treat dispenser then you won’t find any better camera than this one.
  • Night vision
  • Motion and sound detection
  • No treat dispenser

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