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Pawbo Life Wi-fi Camera Review

Pawbo Life Wi-fi Camera

Every pet owner builds the bonding with their pets by the time, and it starts becoming difficult to leave them alone at the home while going outside.

Imagine yourself, going on the vacation or for the foreign professional meetings but can’t take your pet along with you. You are obviously going to miss them, that’s where Pawbo life Wi-Fi pet camera comes to assist you for getting in touch with your pets.

This product has a lot to offer and there are many features that make it the mandatory product for every pet owner. Here in this Pawbo life Wi-Fi pet Camera Review, we will explore this product to determine whether it’s the best way to connect with your pet or you should consider some other units.

Pawbo Life Wi-fi Camera Review

Pawbo Life Wi-fi Camera Review

Are you feeling hesitated to leave your pet alone at home, don’t worry Pawbo life Wi-Fi will connect you with your pets. Even your pet doesn’t need to learn how to operate this machine, it will do all for you.

No matter, at what distance you are sitting, the communication between you and your cat or dog is easier. It offers the 2-way communication feature to make you feel like they are with you all the time.

Using this unit, Interact, communicate and even play games with your pets at any time. Along with the communication, the food of your pet is will also be given to them at the right time.

The camera with the lens of 720p HD has been installed over the top of Pawbo life that will help you to monitor the behavior of your pets. There are different uses of this camera it depends on you, how you actually planned to use it.

Some of the people use because they just love to see their pets all the time and right now they are away from home. Some use it to determine the activity of the cat while he is alone at the home. Some might use it to find out the reason behind their pets strange behavior.

The usage of the camera all depends on your needs. Although, the combination of both Camera and the 2-way communication can be used effectively to train the pets.

The Pawbo App

The Pawbo App is the main component that brings the real fun. All the members can use this app to connect with the Pawbo device for controlling it. The device allows only 8 users to be connected at the same time.

You will be using this app to monitor your pets and to communicate with your pets. Moreover, the App allows the member to share with each other all the interesting captured moments. It is not limited to this, the photos and the captured vides can also be shared on all the social platforms.


Pawbo Life camera is beautifully designed and everyone is loving its design and appearance. But for being the compact designed unit, you can’t put a lot of the treat inside it for feeding your cat while you are not here.

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Relying on this product for your pet’s food is not at all a good decision. If you are going to on the work and supposed to come back at night or the morning, then it would be the best choice. But does assist you while you are far away from home and have no chance to come back before a week or two.

For the better supportive app, the HD camera, 2-way communication feature, this product is highly recommended for all the pet owners. There is only one thing to mention don’t go for the longer vacations relying on this unit, that’s only due to the limited treat-dispensing capability.
  • Easy to setup
  • Budget-friendly
  • Limited treat dispensing capability

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