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Petchatz HD Review

Petchatz HD

No one would want to leave their pet home alone. A best and possible solution to this problem is the pet camera and when it comes to the best pet camera, PetChatz HD pet camera is the most suitable option for this.

The PetChatz HD pet camera offers 1280 x 720 pixels resolution allowing you to get clear details through video. This high definition camera works great in low light condition and video runs at 30-fps frame rate.

The beauty of this device is that you can check in anytime, anywhere you want. Either you are shopping or sitting in a meeting you have the ability to check the status of your pets and if you sense anything strange just throw a treat or release the spray to make them calm.

Petchatz HD Review

Petchatz HD Review

Yes, you heard it right. The PetChatz comes with a spray “PetChatz Scentz” that helps you keep the pets calm while they are anxious. This way you can control the behavior of your pets if you are absent for a long time.

Moving forward, the PetChatz offers two-way communication. Now it’s a great advantage over other pet monitors offering one-way communication. The PetChatz allows you to speak to your animal and listen to the voice of your animal at the same time. Due to the Wifi connection or your distance there could be a delay between the conversation, but it helps a lot to keep your pets calm and safe if you are long for a long time.

Another great feature of this device is the ringtone which you can set for your pets. You can train your pet for the ringtone and when you want to talk with your pet or just want to make sure they are alright, just hit the button and the pet will move in the direction of the ringtone enabling you to see through the camera.

The best part of any pet camera is the pet treats. Pets love the treats and in some ways, treat helps you keep your pet close the camera all the time. If you dispense treats quite often, chances are the site of the pet close to the camera waiting for the next treat to come out of the dispenser.

If you want to record the videos of your pets you have the option in the mobile app. The mobile app offers several settings to help you perform several features including taking pictures, recording videos, dispensing the treats, releasing the scent and many other options that you can look in the app.

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The PetChatz HD is an advanced unit that offers motion detection and sound sensors to help you immediately know if any sound of movement is created. This way you can spot the problem on the right time if your pet is getting out of control of whatever the problem is. So, you can either use the scent, treat, or your voice to ensure the safety of your pet and keep them calm.

Overall, PetChatz HD is a great pet camera that offers tons of features to make it a great device that ensures the safety of your pet. If you really love your pets, you shouldn’t think twice about getting this great pet camera. It offers several features like the scent, treats, ringtone, video recording, motion detection and tons of other features to make sure your pet is safe and sound back at home. That being said, PetChatz HD is a worthwhile investment of your money.
  • Two-way communication
  • Voice and motion detection
  • Full HD recording
  • Calming scent
  • Slightly expensive

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