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PetCube Pet Camera Review

PetCube Pet Camera

You have gone out from the home for any purpose and when came after a while, you have noticed the mess has been created by your pets everywhere. Does it ever happen to you?

If yes! Then PetCube Pet camera is the product that you must have in your home along with your pets. It is going to play all the role that you are supposed to play with your pets. It will be the mini version of yours.

Although, there is not only this reason to have PetCube at home, there are other reasons too. You will explore all of them in this comprehensive PetCube Pet Camera Review.

PetCube Pet Camera Review

PetCube Pet Camera Review

PetCube proved itself to be the best companion of your pets and to be the best way to connect with your pets.

Let’s explore in more detail, what PetCube Pet Camera has to offer you.


PetCube designed is something that will attract your pets easily and will not cause them to feel any threat with this new member of the home.

The shape has been told by the name that it will be of the cube shape. The body has the ability to blend easily with the décor of every sort.

The friendly design makes it the best companion of your pet when you are not at home.

PetCube App

The APP is the backbone of this unit, you are going to control all of the operations of this gadget with the app installed on your device. Whether, you want to control the camera features, sound features or dispensing features, the provided app will help you control all of these features.

Moreover the controlling, you can share your pets stories in the community of the PetCube users. Record the interesting activities of your pet and do share it in the community to boost the recognition of your pet.

Like any smart application, it can be connected with other social media platforms where you can also share all of your pet’s stories, for making them renowned pet in the community.


The features incorporated in this unit perform relatively well. The audio, speaker and the camera feature re something that must be work simultaneously without causing any issue for the better experience. And this unit has this ability to cope up with this requirement.

The quality of the camera is just an average you can easily monitor your pets. But in the dark, you can’t clearly see the pet’s movements. Although, the camera has the 138-degree lens to cover almost every corner of the room where you have placed the camera.

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The sound quality is good that will help your pets to be trained easily. After listening to this strange sounds coming out of this device, they will start recognizing it and will behave accordingly.

PetCube stands out of many products available in the market due to the better performance and the design. The features including the great sound quality, audio, 2-way communication, camera making it the best option to avail.

The only downside that we have found in the product is of the lower video quality in the night and the subscription-based video recording. The camera does not work effectively and you can’t record the videos without paying some extra money.

But still, that’s not the deal-breaker, it provides a great ratio to the price and the performance.

  • Full HD resolution
  • Two-way audio communication
  • Adeqaute performance level
  • Attractive design for pets
  • Limited recording capability

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