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Petzi Treat Camera Review

Petzi Treat Camera

Petzi treats cam is a pet camera manufactured by Petzila company with whose motto is “Making a happier world, one pet at a time.” The Petzi treat cam is a great device to look after your pets in your absence. Besides giving you the information about your pet, the Petzi is easy to setup device and also offers to treat for pets.

The unit comes with one screw and drywall anchor that allows you to hang it on a wall or furniture. The manufacturer recommends changing the camera at a certain height to make get the view of the entire room. Either hang the camera or place it on a stand if you have short height pets.

Petzi Treat Camera Review

Petzi Treat Camera Review

Another aspect of placing the camera on a certain position is that the pets can attack the unit to get the treat out of it. So the placement of the camera not only helps you get the view of the entire room but makes it easy to throw a treat to your pets to make them in front of you. The camera works great at four feet in height.

Behind the case, there are channels to run the cord for different configurations. If you are planning to hang the unit on the wall, you have to place the cord flat.

Once the device is installed properly, it’s time to set it up so that you can communicate with your pet while shopping or doing some work outside. To set up the camera, you can use the two-standard method of connection using WiFi network. Locate the WiFi network from your mobile Wifi settings and connect it. Once the device is connected, it stays connected for the rest.

The petzi app allows you to view your animals in real-time. The unit chimes right after the connection that alerts the pets that a treat is ready for them, and they stick around the camera waiting for more treats to come. This way, you can lure your pets to stay calm in your absence.

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The best part is that you can take photos of your pets using the app. As you might be taking the picture from a distance so you may have to wait for a few seconds to actually get the photo after pressing the button.

Another cool feature is the verbal communication with your pets that allows you to talk to them in case the treats are over in the unit or you just want to talk to them to make them calm. Again, due to long-distance, your voice will reach after a delay. A shortcoming to this unit is that the communication is one way only. So you won’t be able to hear your pet voice.

Overall, the Petzi Treat Cam is a great pet camera that ensures the safety of your pets by allowing you to give them treats, talk with them, and look at them while you are away. If you really love your dog and somehow you have to leave them alone, make sure to get this pet camera to ensure their safety.
  • Affordable
  • Wifi connectivity
  • HD video
  • One way communication

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